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Improve Your Loading Dock Efficiency and Security with TEXDOOR's Wide Range of Products

TEXDOOR provides a wide range of loading dock products, including automatic or mechanical dock levelers in pit-style or edge-of-dock storage. These levelers come in various sizes and capacities to meet loading dock requirements. Our products offer safety, and security to the loading dock environment, protecting workers from outside elements and keeping merchandise secure.

TEXDOOR also offers PVC Strip doors, which are cost-effective to conserve energy and reduce noise levels, and dust contaminants while maintaining visibility. Strip doors and high speed doors are other excellent options to keep a comfortable working environment and control dust and noise in your facility. Whether you need to improve loading dock efficiency or create a safe and secure work environment, TEXDOOR has the right wholesale dock equipment products for you.


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Dock levelers can be activated automatically or mechanically and are available as pit-style or edge-of-dock storing . Each leveler type comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet any loading dock requirements.


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Dock shelters are designed to create a barrier between the outside environment and the inside work area. They offer temperature control and safety to the loading dock environment. They protect workers from the rain and snow and also function as security to keep your merchandise safe.


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PVC Strip doors are a great cost effective way to conserve energy, reduce noise levels, and dust contaminants without blocking visibility. The strip doors also offer a simple low cost solution for partitioning work areas and creating a thermal barrier.


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The high-speed door can help maintain a comfortable working environment in your facility by keeping hot or cold air in and can also aid in the control of dust and noise. Vinyl doors can be readily installed on dock doors, and warehouse openings or be used as room dividers.


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Our selection of rolling and sliding grilles is an excellent choice for securing any storefront or counter space. For use in malls, hotels, parking garages, airports, stadiums, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and other interior or exterior applications.